Why would humans do this to other humans?

Terrorist activities based on an excuse of religion; ridiculous laws based on religion; Running and management of a territory based on a religion.

All these actions and judgements, based on a piece of story from a time where people justifies their account of extraordinary feats on things they do not understand. These accounts became an awe to many others who are curious to hear about it, eventually believed it because they do not understand it either, and by believing they can put their mind at ease at finally getting a closure.

Fast forward this accounts to the 21st century. How much evolved humans have become. Things that had no explanation then, are now proven existences. So why are humans still so blind to believe something that was psychology material then, that most probably now can be explained as part of natural geography subject? Is the philosophy then really worth its weight in gold now, if you just think what is being said in the text in a logical way? You most probably would agree, unless you still believe that “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is something that only a religion can teach, then perhaps this author can start a new religion after this article, and to base this religion on logic and attaining pure logic (reference to “Star Trek”).

Back to the topic: Why would humans subject other humans to misery, hurt and unheard terror, based on outdated information that they take it as their religion? This author have a theory: What had been taken as valued information then due to that period’s lack of understanding, is now taken advantage with intended self-gain on the perpetrator. By using modern psychology to prey on weak-minded humans, these perpetrators are able to make use of others to do all their dirty work, while they gain the fortune they wanted and live as they dictates (which they use religion to mask their true intention).

With that being said, there is no end to the terror they can bring about to the lives of others, as long as there are weak-minded humans around, they are at risk of being manipulated. This author urged readers who understand and who may know somebody at risk, to guard those vulnerable and weak-minded individuals, so they may not end up being prey to these terrorist, and became scape-goats to these perpetrators.

As this author mentioned in a post long ago, there is no such thing as a religion that preaches on terror and killings of humans to attain enlightenment. No religion in their right mindset would encourage you to fire a gun or bomb (also because there isn’t such thing during those times unless they are aliens from other planets).

Be safe, humans.


A Day in the life of.. (draft)

A sudden Eureka (short story time). Just a snippet of it for the time being. Will be updated as often as this author can.


Yawn! A small shudder, she stirred and draws in a deep breath, exhaling it slowly, like an old man enjoying a quiet smoke alone in the alley.

What a bright morning! She thought as she executes a lazy, leisurely stretch of her long, slender body; a deep sense of satisfaction clearly plastered over her face as she continues to lie on her side, twitching her fluffy tail slightly.

After a moment of lazy bliss, she decides she is ready to start her day. Slowly and gently, she got to her feet, allowing her ears to listen for possible danger, and looking around the now brightly lit alley. What shall I do today? She quietly asks herself, as she gives one last scratch behind her pointy ear.

Maybe I shall visit Sassy Willow at the Ever-Changing-Forest-of-Human-Legs, and inquire her about any new sample of delicious treat today.

Turning around the corner to the row of old shop houses, stopping cautiously after every few steps, looking around and smelling the air, she makes her way down the long, old and dusty five foot walkway.

It used to be full of legs, thought she. Probably later then, she thinks to herself as she continues the long and seemingly never ending pathway. She takes her time, walking slowly, stopping for a moment admiring the old rusty bin that belongs to one of the shop owners.

Mm…nice, she thinks as she walks on, eyes not leaving that rusty old bin until her head could turn no more. A sudden rustle; she stopped in her tracks. Eyes and ears ever on alert to the slightest of sounds, her eyes darted to the location of the sound.

A toy! The iris in her eyes widen with excitement, as she spots a little cockroach zigzagging away from a worn and broken rubbish bin. The cockroach, sensing there is trouble nearby, starts to panic and zips across the pathway from the rubbish bin towards to the majestic but heavy metal shutters. Her head fidgets about as she follows the movement the cockroach makes, all while working on a formula for the perfect jump. Once the formulation works out, she gives a small grin, just curved enough to be noticeable on the most cornered tip of her mouth, she crouched down low, her paws clamp close to her body, and gave her rear a wiggle.

Like a leap of faith, she pounce onto the critter with her outstretch paws. Aha! Got you! The hairs on her body straighten in elation. The poor little cockroach, startled by the sudden assault, struggled, and tries to wiggle its way out of her grasp. Shifting her body weight to the left front paw, she delivers an increasing pressure on the struggling cockroach, just to get a tickle on her paw. Now this is fun! She observes with delight. After about three seconds of enjoyment, she lift off her paw. The struggling cockroach, feeling almost about to pass out, at that moment felt the weight gone from it, gets dizzy from the chaos and is unable to begin navigating right away. She looks at the cockroach totters away with a coy smile, the sort of smile that curls up slightly on both side of her lips, feeling immensely satisfied with how the day is starting.

I’d love to play but I fear I have to make a move or my share of breakfast will be gone, she thinks to herself, as she slowly saunters down the walkway. Out of the cluster of shops, and on to the road junction, pass the old push-cart that probably had seen better days when it was the pride and only means of transport for the old odd goods delivery man, who now only uses the cart to store a big collection of discarded cardboard material. Nope, not stopping to check out the flattened brown scratch patches today, she lets a soft sigh to herself while walking along the road side before coming to a stop.

She reached the end of the sheltered five-foot walkway, and the bright, strong rays from the sun lights up the rest of the open space and together with it: heat.
Looking around the altered environment that is now more hush than the walkway that she is so accustom to, she takes a tentative step forward, testing the ground, before withdrawing her paws back. This is so hot! I need a shelter. She thinks to herself as she looks around the area for a cooler, shaded pathway. Seeing no other way, she puff up her chest, takes a cautious step out into the scorching tar road, and begin a short jog to meet Sassy Willow at her turf.

Hot! Hot! Hot! My paws are being cooked! She thinks to herself as she quickens her steps.

Contemplating on jumping up, and yet constantly looking upwards at the table. Licking her lips as she smell the faint but distinct fragrance in the air. It has to be from there, as she thinks to herself. Finally decided to see for herself, she make the leap. As softly as she always do, she landed on the red plastic chair, feeling pretty good about her current achievement. She took a brief moment to survey her surroundings, looking for a better way to get to her goal. Finding none, she looks up to the table, stretching her body and standing on just her hind legs, she managed to get a glimpse of what is on the plate. Oh my! Meat! It has got meat! Her eyes twinkle a little at the sight of the leftover roast chicken rice that was left by a customer the night before, and no one cleared the table.  And a bit of those non-meaty stuff that Hooman calls rice. A barely there cringe on her face is hardly noticeable, but she decides to brush off the thought and focus her aim at reaching for the plate of leftovers. She licks her lips one more time. Just one more, she thinks to herself. Getting back down on all her paws, she steadies herself for the final jump.

With just a quick glance one more time, she made the leap. Oh no! She thinks to herself as she skids along the smooth surface of the table top. Instinctively she criss-crosses her paws to slow down the skid and thankfully, she stops after a short distance. Phew! That was close, she thinks to herself. Just right in front of her, is the reward she works so hard for. Finally, a decent breakfast after such a workout, she thinks to herself.

She prodded at the plate of leftover chicken rice, seemingly undecided on what to eat first. Hmmm, the chicken or the rice, she mutters to herself. Deciding on eating the chicken, she looks around her surrounding one more time to make sure there are no other intruders present before proceeding with sinking her teeth on the stale cold meat. Mmmm! Delicious! Really hits the spot, she thinks to herself as she gnaws at the meat and bones. In a few minutes the meat is gone, as well as some of the smaller pieces of bones that she is able to chew through. Her eyes glance at the remaining portion of rice in the middle of the plate.


This short story is copyright of this author. No parts of this story shall be copied without the approval of the author.

Short note

The author would like to apologize to her readers for going silent for the past one year. It is not for mourning the lose of a person she considers a grandfatherly figure of the Nation, but it went deeper into multi-layers like an onion; with many other events happening to the author’s life.

Welcoming a new addition to the family; a new career path; new outlook in life are all part and parcels that made up this onion. And while finding new materials and researching on topics that she will soon publish in the coming months, the author hopes that with this short notice of apology, her readers will be patient while the author completes some of her final editing before posting in bulk.

*Pinky promise*

Thank you.

How Mother Nature defines summer this year

As Summer rages on with the grilling of Mother Earth, some of the inhabitants of this planet are left high and dry by the hot, dry weather, while others are drenched in everlasting rain and wind. One thing is obvious: Mother Earth is changing; whether for better or worse is yet to be seen. but while Nature take its anger out on us for whatever we had done to her, let us put into a short list of the hurt we have caused her, and try to reflect on what we can do to appease the Mother.


If the following Yahoo News article is exemplary of the dangerous repercussion on overusing a certain resource, then it would be better that we take heed of the early warning signs and do something to remedy the situation. For those who do not know what groundwater is, the simplest definition by Wikipedia states that:

Groundwater (or ground water) is the water located beneath Earth’s surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations. A unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable quantity of water. – Wikipedia

While it gives you a general idea of what ground water can do, it does not provide detail information on the effects of depleting and polluting groundwater. While researching on the effects it have on the piece of land, the author came across an interesting Jstor article which details the effects of groundwater depletion on vegetation. For the masses who finds the information too much for digestion, the author here managed to digest it into simple anatomy explanation that hopefully readers can understand.

Imagine the earth as a joint in any part of your body. The surface represents the skin, underground water as the synovial fluid, tectonic crusts as your joint cartilage, and the bone, muscle and ligaments are your mantle where gravitational fluxes are generated, and most probably what causes Mother Earth to rotate as she has always been doing. As with what synovial fluid does for your joint to allow easy movement and reduces friction, the purpose of groundwater is to create this cushion to prevent overheating and preventing desertification on the surface. it also helps with plant nourishment from deep within, just as it helps with nourishment of your skin, preventing dryness from the inside of your body. what happens when you overuse groundwater? it’s like removing the synovial fluid from your joints, making your joint movements painful and wearing down the more brittle parts of your joints such as the bone and causing skin dryness on the surface, just the same with the depletion or pollution of groundwater. When groundwater is gone or poisoned, the surface which we walk on will slowly heat up, thereby drying up the remaining moisture left on the surface, killing essential nutrients and therefore other life forms, until all nourishment is completely gone, and only sand is left. The end product: Desert.

The author brainstormed on some ways that people affected by the desertification of their land from groundwater lose, can do to remedy the problems they had created (directly or indirectly). One of the ways is to replenish the lost groundwater with replacement fluid. But the replacement fluid needs to adhere to the needs of environmental sustainability. Desalinated water is one possible move that authorities can use to replace the lost groundwater. It may lack in certain nutrients that is required for plant growth but at least it is not devoid of pesticides and other poisonous fluid. Another idea is using collected rainwater to be channeled back into the affected ground. Since this was the original cycle of water movement, and human intervention somehow broke this precious cycle, it is only right to mend the error. But all these are far-fetched ideas until the Authorities realize the importance of re-balancing the ecosystem to sustain their very own lives and their future.

Urban Heat Island

Before this term was finally found, the author had a general idea that the surrounding bricks and metal building that lines almost every inch of cities, big or small, have a part in the continued rising temperature as well as weather patterns of their surrounding environment. This coupled with the amount of vehicles that runs around the space, as well as the fumes that bellows from out of factory chimneys, all have an impact with the weather changes that everyone have been experiencing. After some researching, the term Urban Heat Island of UHI is found to define this phenomenon. But what exactly is UHI?

UHI is defined as:

“Changes occur in their landscape. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure replace open land and vegetation. Surfaces that were once permeable and moist become impermeable and dry. These changes cause urban regions to become warmer than their rural surroundings, forming an “island” of higher temperatures in the landscape”

As the term suggests, heat that is absorbed by the metal and stone made parts, covered roads and pathways, increases surface temperature by a couple degrees of the surrounding area. As explained by this webpage.

This is possibly one of the main reasons why temperatures are increasing especially in urbanized areas.

As the city expands, so does the temperature across the mass of land. Taking that from a local perspective (in Singapore), the more buildings erected, the more roads paved, the hotter the surrounding temperature of the area. So how can we change to reduce this UHI?

Greenery on the Roof

When the author was travelling around the older estates in Singapore, a number of buildings have either a flat rooftop, or slanted metal roofing. Most of the time, water tanks, and some essential facility machinery can be found on the rooftop. But basically these materials that make up the roof area are usually good absorbers of heat, working much like an oven.


Credit : http://static.goal.com/176400/176463_heroa.jpg

In fact, there has been a report just a year ago, about the government’s initiative to set a greener example, and the author agrees with this move. Because indeed, without these green roof, the city will continue to see a steady rise in ambient temperature as the years go by. But the question here lies: How long will it take for the city to complete converting a major percentage of metal and mortar roofs to a green roof? And are there more that can be done to further reduce heat retention within the city?

The author might suggest further extending the greenery to not just on the roof, but perhaps on the side walls of the buildings as well (without obstructing the windows). cascading plants like the Hedera species or the vines species can not only beautify the building, but it also helps reduce the heat absorbed by the building by providing shade to the building walls. Furthermore, it can also help reduce carbon footprint by natural photosynthesis.

In any case, the author hopes the idea gets better broadcast, and more can be done to help reduce emitted heat to cool Earth down. Any part played by the community affects the society and the country as a whole. All it takes is a little concern on every individual’s part.

Remembering a man of Iron: Mr.Lee Kuan Yew


The author wrote on a tumblr page, paying respect and tribute to the one great man who ruled this tiny island that is big as a dot on the map. He passed on 23rd March, 2015 at the age of 91. This year 2015, also marks the Nation’s Golden Jubilee of 50 years of independence. His passing leaves a tremendous impact on many who had hoped he would be around to share this otherwise joyous occasion.

Here is the actual write-up, after more soul-searching, on what the author wanted to convey in his memory:

He might have been a person no different from you and me. A man on the streets; A man of average stature, with slight receding hairline showing the high forehead that is probably his trademark look, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew would otherwise have been your average quick-witted, wise old man with a sharp tongue. Had it not been for that moment in time…

For that one event which propelled his decision and resolve to commit the rest of his life for the tiny island where his roots planted, and where it dug deeper, and spread throughout the whole island that is now Singapore. That one event, the epiphany of his life, and everything else as we see it, is history. He worked tirelessly for the rest of his life after completing his education, paving his route that leads Singapore from a phase of colonial rule, to an independent state, and finally a wholly independent nation-state. If Great Britain had an Iron Lady that is Margaret Thatcher, Singapore had a Man of Iron, as he famously proclaimed in one of his rally speech in 1980:

“Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.” – Lee Kuan Yew (1980)

And nobody was ever able to knock him down.

Like any typical Asian Family, he does not spare the rod when it comes to discipline, be it his family or for the nation. His policies and regulations are pointed and harsh, and not everyone can agree with the way he governs. But if you were to stand from his point of view, at that moment in time, it made sense, impacting not only from a Singapore standpoint, but it also allows Singapore to be noticed and shine on a global scale. A firm grip on upholding law and order to all who stands on Singapore soil may not bode well with some other nations, but he persevered, and it made sense, and commands respect that a nation so small, seemingly insignificant, cannot be trifled with. For the tough and sometimes seemingly unreasonable decisions he made, would it have been different had he not made that decision? How would the world view Singapore then? Would Singapore have what the people now enjoy? Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t; but for all that Singapore has become, for the simple comforts that we the citizens enjoy, we must have it in our hearts to forgive him, as he too did admit that he had made bad decisions. No one man is ever perfect. But he stood by his decision, and I respect him for that.

In just 50 short years, his vision and his hard life work can be seen, heard, and felt in every corner of the nation. And it will continue to thrive, and blossom in his memory for future generations. As the nation progresses, the citizens will have to work closely with their government to not only maintain the reputation of this tiny but volatile city-state, but to constantly make changes to better the system, keep it up to date and relevant to time. He started the journey for Singapore; it mustn’t just end with him. For that, the people must never fear to open up, voice out, but also keep in mind that your opinion must be for the good of the whole nation regardless of ethnicity and gender, not just yourself.

A big Thank You to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew for sacrificing his life and for his dedication to better not just for Singapore, but for the world as well. His vision and sound advice made it possible for a world to be as small as it is well-connected today. A fond farewell for the founding father of this tiny red-dot, but it’s never really goodbye, until time comes where Singapore is no more. But that’s not going to happen as long as its people believe in it.

Poetry: The Victim’s Eye

The author has been an avid reader of the headlines in the recent months, and was a little quite unsettled to what the latest “Fad” has been centered on (author’s note: ‘a little’ was too underrated). The author dislikes the amount of attention that these reprobates received, and at one point the author feels the dislike borders on the edge of jealousy (Shocking!). Perhaps it is time the media shows lesser care on what these reprobates are doing, so that they may look upon themselves as a bunch of silly douche-bags, and reflect on what they had done (or shall be doing) with their lives.

Death is but an area that is either acceptable, or taboo, depending on how one views the topic. The author embraces the fact that Death will come for the author one fine day, when least expected. But so far, Death chose to distance itself away from the author (must be the unusually crazy amount of paperwork Death have to deal with when it finally comes to claim the author for all the deeds done: good or bad). But for now, the author just wants to talk about death, a term that seems hooked on to the current group of douche-bags and their penchant for doing things without a solid goal or reason; just talk; and talk big like an empty vessel they can. The author hopes to convey the feelings of the dead by this group, and with that, maybe from that perspective, a form of reflection to those who plan on joining this crazy group who have no goals, no future at all.

The author’s warning to these “thrill seekers”: Are you 101% certain HE would want any of these?

So here goes the author’s raw attempt at poetry:

The Victim’s eye

How it must have felt

To taste;

The cold steel of a barrel

Loaded and ready always.

At the slightest touch of a finger.

It moves.

Life changes; – both of us

“How dies it feel?” –

You’d ask yourself;

Won’t you take a good look

In all your glory;

The mirror at the back of your head.

– Is this Glory?

Or is this just your head…

The blood you dipped your hands in.

Let it stain your face. Lick it.

Do you like it?

Life changes; – Both of us.

Regrets be a thing of your past.

From the depths of the cold steel barrel;

Locked and loaded. Ready.

A Distorted View

Recent few months have seen social unrest such as extremist invasion, kidnaps, and fighting among various groups, all in the perceived name of religion. But is religion really the root cause for such social unrest/violence to happen? It seems to be obvious for now, but if one were to “unmask” the truth behind this claim, the actual truth could very well put human nature at tops for the Wall of Shame of all times. For this issue, the author has a distorted view on the perceived intent, and possibly unearth the dark intent of these claims. But before going further, the author would like to remind all readers that this article is solely based on the author’s own judgement, and therefore cannot be substantiated as reference to any academic journals.

Kidnappings/Forced will

As mentioned from the author’s older post (please refer to this link), it was mentioned that the author may not be a believer of any religion, but stands firm in the belief that all major religion in existence are about living a life without guilt, with a good conscience, and be compassionate unto others. The author also firmly believes that no major religion would allow human sacrifices, or acts of war/violence which can result in deaths or heavy casualties, or even doing deeds that go against basic humanity. But one report talks about an extremist group kidnapping young ladies from their school, reportedly forced them to convert to the extremist’s faith and marry them off to members of the group. It is also reported that the leader of that group apparently was boasting about his achievements on social media. If the reports are as accurate as it is printed, the author hardly thinks that this is an act according to the group’s proclaimed religion. From what has been researched about this religion, gender rights are practiced equally, and each gender have their own rights to accept or reject, and forcing an individual goes against its teachings. Therefore, the author feels that this particular group of people are simply acting on their own perverse will to attain their selfish goals of inciting fear to others so that they may rule their sector in their own perverse way. In order not lead outsiders to think negatively about their actual intent, they casually put their religion to act as a scapegoat for their otherwise pervasive ideology, so that they may do what they like, and let others perceive to generalize said religion in a negative way. In the author’s opinion, such group are actually opposing their religion, or was never faithful in their religion at all. Misinterpretation of their religion is just plain excuse, and thus this author sees no wrong in interpreting this group’s intention, as opposed to what has been reported and printed.


To the best of the author’s knowledge, no major religion has ever been supportive of violence, ever. But conveniently, it is the mind of people, clouded by their perceived love for their religion, unable to suppress their deepest passion to “share” their religion, that caused the passion to turn a darker shade, and it became a violent passion to preach or spread their religion, whichever way you see it. At one point, the author feels that this passion has been driven to become an obsession, with an iron-fist on their ideology that it becomes “my way or the highway”. Therefore, these disillusioned believers strongly feels that if you don’t yield to their faith, you are deemed as an anti-believer, or what the author sees it as “Satan’s followers” to them, and it will be honorable to resort to violence to so-called “cleanse” the place to “purify” it. But there are some who are confused between believing their preacher leader and basic humanity, and are conscious about leaking their identity out to the rest of society for fear they would not be accepted back to society, these are merely cowards in the author’s opinion. If you want to do a deed that you strongly (and blindly) believe is going to do justice to your faith, you do not need to cover your face because you should be feeling proud and honored to do your faith “justice”, right? Unless you are uncertain, unsure, or feeling a nagging sense of guilt. Do I hear your heart thump; a loud thud against your chest just now?

In any case, what the author is trying to get across is that no faith, no religion is to be blamed for any of these acts done in the first place. Religion is something that is created by humans, for humans, to supposedly open up a window in every individual, to give humans something to believe in, to hope. These acts of violence and insubordination are born from anger, possibly from one individual, who may be exceptionally vocal about their thoughts; and coupled with that individual’s ability to influence, created the destabilizing agent which result in a catastrophic present as everyone else feels now. To end, the author would like to quote some very meaningful quotes that can be applied to this article’s topic:

on Religion:

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” – Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)

on violence:

“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda (The Phantom Menace)

also on violence:

“Wars not make one great.” – Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)

And just when you think sci-fi movies such as Star Wars is nothing more than good-looking actors and actress with loads of CG, think again. The subtle messages that some movies echoes might one day save the world.